5 Best Biceps Exercises for Bigger Arms


Burst Your Sleeves With These 5 Best Biceps Exercises

Here are the 5 best biceps exercises which you can use to focus on your arms to make it burst up your sleeve. Use these exercises to get the biceps mass that stands out in the crowd.


In your muscle-building program, I sure that the one body part that you want to have an extra focus is your biceps. The biceps tend to be the most noticed muscle in your body along with your chest, back and triceps.

So a well-built arm is what many people want to have. And they are working hard on the gym to get it.

Now, before you start lifting some big weights, there is one thing you should keep in mind.

Your arms comprise of two muscle groups: Biceps and Triceps. Where the triceps muscle acquires the most part of your arms. Training the triceps is as important as training the biceps because a perfect balance of biceps and triceps will give you the optimal result.

Since that you are aiming to put on maximum size, you need to keep in mind that lifting heavy must be taken as a serious priority.

Putting on size requires a combination of training with heavy weights and consumption of plenty of calories.

To achieve that amount of size, you must focus on the exercises that allow you to lift and train with the heaviest weight possible.

With that being said, let us see what are the 5 best biceps exercise which can give you an absolutely massive arm:

1. Barbell Curl

When talking about the best biceps exercise, you can’t just ignore the Barbell Curls. Probably the best biceps exercise ever existed. This exercise is the best muscle builder for the biceps.


So the first biceps exercise which you need to perform is the barbell biceps curl. With this exercise, you can overload the biceps with heavy weight.

In usual cases, training with barbells develops more strength than training like dumbbells. like the bench press, squats, and the deadlifts. Just like that, barbell biceps curls are a great exercise for maximum development of strength.

when you are doing this exercise, the main thing you have to keep in mind is to primarily focus on not using the momentum which can cause you to lean back as you curl the weight upwards. Also, make sure that you are not performing half reps of this exercise. Do not cut the movement pattern short.

This is one of the most common mistake people perform with this exercise. They use the momentum to curl the weight up. Don’t do that mistake. If you use momentum to curl up the weight, your muscle won’t get the required pump.

If you perform the barbell curls in a slow and manner, the exercise will allow you to put a great tension on your muscle fibers.

The main plus point of this exercise is that barbell curl doesn’t offer the cable tension nor it allows to focus on one arm at a time while training. All it offers is the power and strength to curl up the heaviest weight to add mass to the biceps.

When you perform a barbell curl with proper form, you force your biceps muscle to grow, unlike the other biceps exercises.

2. Incline Dumbbell Curl

The second exercise to this list is the Incline Dumbbell Curl. If you want to have an exercise which involves only curling without using momentum then Incline Dumbbell Curl is the correct exercise for you. This exercise prevents the momentum issue by restricting the back from the jerking movement.


This exercise targets the lower area of the biceps. While doing this exercise try to choose a lightweight dumbbell for a better contraction and stretch and proper form.

When you are doing the Incline Dumbbell Curl, you will notice that your arms are slightly behind your body. This position is totally different from other traditional biceps exercises.

For most of the biceps exercises, the muscle suffers load only when it is contracted. But in this exercise, the muscle is still under load and gets contracted even when the dumbbell is lowered to the starting position.

Some studies have found that this movement can make the muscle have a much greater concentric contraction. Incline Dumbbell Curl targets the long head of the biceps as the starting position of the exercise already stretches the biceps muscle.

3. Standing Cable Curl

Standing Cable Curl is one of the best biceps exercises to target from a wide variety of list of exercises. It is an isolation exercise mainly suitable for beginners.


The biceps brachii muscle is the primary muscle which is targetted in the standing cable curls. The brachii muscle flexes the elbow, which the reason it is worked when you curl your arm.

This exercise provides a constant tension to the biceps muscles because of the cable.

You will realize that you can’t make your arms stable while performing this exercise. This is because of the pattern of this exercise which makes the exercise less stable.

Due to this reason, you will need all other muscles which stabilize the arms working together to execute this exercise. When you are performing the cable curl, there are other stabilizing muscles that come into work in the shoulder and upper back are the anterior deltoids muscles, traps, and the levator scapulae muscle. The wrist flexor muscles of your hands are also used.

Standing Cable Curl slightly edges more than other exercises because of the ability to work against more resistance.

This movement causes the elbows to shift to the sides which is a much stronger position which is needed for curling the weight up.

There is a variety of different attachments that you can use to perform the exercise. This attachment includes a rope, straight bar, EZ-bar and a D-Handlebar which allows you to train your one arm at a time.

4. Preacher Curl

What is that one exercise which is slightly better than the Standing Cable Curl? It is the Preacher Curl.



Preacher Curl is an isolation exercise. It mainly targets the brachialis muscle also known as lower biceps. The biceps brachii becomes the supporting muscle group during this movement.

Like every exercise, the supporting muscle works in assisting the main targetted muscle in completing the movement. Your wrist flexors will work as a stabilizer muscle for this exercise. Stabilizing muscles are much important because it helps in maintaining a fixed posture for the exercise without compromising the movement form.

If you want a great biceps peak, then the preacher curl is the best exercise for that.

Mainly you will find 2 dedicated machines for preacher curls: Weight Stack Preacher Curl Machine and Free Weight Preacher Curl Machine where you can perform it using a barbell or a dumbbell.

I personally prefer the weight stack preacher curl machine because it helps me in concentrating on the movement. I don’t have to worry about my form for this movement unlike in the free weight preacher curl station where I have to focus on the form and the contraction both.

The preacher curl provides many benefits if performed correctly and in full-range of motion. Before you start this exercise make sure you left your ego at the door. Don’t go heavy at the beginning as it will only result in bad form and bad injuries.

Things that you should not do while performing this complicated movement includes using momentum, raising your hips from the seat, allowing the arm from coming off from the pad to bounce the barbell from the starting position.

For better results from this exercise, follow this small tip.

Hold the barbell at the top position for 5 seconds to increase the intensity of the exercise. Focus on squeezing the biceps at the top and hold the squeeze for at least 5 seconds.

With this, your muscle will increase the time under tension. Increased time under tension is the best way to enhance muscle growth.

5. Concentration Curl

Finally, we are in the last exercise of the guide, the concentration curls. Last but not least, concentration curls are one of the best biceps exercises which finishes a good biceps day workout program.


It may be the last in the program, but it is unarguably the most satisfying exercise in the biceps exercises list. Working one arm at a time under full control curling results in inflating your muscle pump and flushing the muscle fibers with blood rich in nutrients like protein, carbs etc.

Concentration Curl puts a great emphasis on the bicep peak. This exercise stimulates the biceps muscle from the end to the peak of the muscle like any other full range of motion curling exercise.

There are two ways you can do this exercise. Either by standing or by sitting in a bench. I along with many other athletes choose to do the concentration curl exercise by sitting in a bench.

When you perform this exercise in a sitting position, there will be a limitation in the degree of momentum which is used in the exercise. This helps in putting all the emphasis on the biceps muscle.

Before you perform this exercise, you must know that unlike all other biceps exercises, there will be no helping muscles when you are doing a concentration curl. So it will be a good choice if you add this exercise at the last of all the biceps exercises when you are looking to finish off the biceps training with a good pump and exhaust them fully.


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