5 Best Shoulder Workout For Muscle-Building


Get Bigger Shoulders With These 5 Best Shoulder Workout.

Here is a list about the 5 best shoulder workout that will help you get that round and big shoulder mass. Shoulders are a very important muscle of the body. You know that I know that and everybody knows that. It is very much important to train the shoulder muscles in the gym.

Importance of Shoulder Workout

Sculpted shoulders look good on everyone. There is no denying about that. Shoulder joints are the most unstable and active joints in our upper body.


To keep the shoulder joints stable, the muscles, tendons and the ligaments are needed to keep it in place.

Therefore it is necessary to strengthen the muscles, ligaments and the tendons. These tissues when strengthened, an keep the shoulder strong and flexible and makes the shoulders more capable to handle stress.

Your daily activities like lifting anything like groceries, books, etc, doing any type of labor or any kind of household works like cleaning dishes, mopping floors etc or any other kinds of work uses the shoulder muscles.

A strong shoulder will be able to handle these kinds of stress easily.

What makes the Shoulder Joint strong?

Rotator Cuff Muscles are the muscles which surround the shoulder joints. The Rotator Cuff Muscles are the muscles that keep the shoulder joint strong.

Rotator cuff muscles are the key muscles that keep the joint functioning properly.


Image Credit: www.mclaren.org

The shoulder joint muscles can also get injured if there is any kind of weakness in the rotator cuff muscles.

You can strengthen the shoulder and the rotator cuffs with different exercises which can be performed at the gym or at your home. These exercises can be included in regular workout routines or you can train them separately on its own workout day.

But the thing that you have to keep in mind is that the rotator cuff muscles are very small. You can easily injure them if you start lifting heavy weights or do too many reps than it is actually needed.

Remember that the front and rear rotator cuff muscles must be equally balanced.

What people do is to train the front rotator cuff muscles more frequently. They overwork the front rotator cuff muscle by doing all the major muscles exercise.

Exercises of the back, arms, and chest internally rotate the shoulders which directly trains the front rotator cuff muscle.

And as a result, the external or the rear rotator cuff muscle remains untrained.

For a complete shoulder workout routine check out the article below.

5 Best Shoulder Workout Which Will Allow You To Add Maximum Amount Of Muscles

The list you are going to see is based upon how effective an exercise is and the exercise’s ability to take up the load on the muscles.

Maybe you are capable of hitting 60 kg overhead barbell press but you only use 10 kg dumbbells on lateral raise.

Many people choose the barbell overhead press as a better muscle builder than any kind of raising exercise.

For each exercise, I will tell you why this exercise was chosen.

1. Seated Overhead Barbell Press

Seated Overhead Barbell Press is one of the best mass building shoulder workout. There is an alternative to this exercise which is standing overhead barbell press, but there is a reason why I chose this exercise on this list.


The reason is that during seated overhead barbell press, the exercise gets harder because there is a less chance of using momentum to push the weight up.

Seating position also creates a nice base to push the weight from the starting position.

During the barbell overhead press, the triceps muscles get worked better than the dumbbell press.

If your shoulders are sore, try to keep the bar in front of you when you perform the seated overhead barbell press. Seated Barbell Press behind the back creates a high risk of shoulder injury. So if your shoulders are sore, kindly avoid doing the exercise where the bar goes behind your head.

When you are performing the seated barbell press to the front, you will notice that your arms are moving in front rather than moving to the sides.

With this, the movement gives you an indication that your anterior delts are now being trained. And some studies on muscle activation pattern found out that overhead barbell press in front of your head leads to the more anterior delt activation.

There are many people who will advise you to try lowering the bar behind your head. Barbell Press behind the head directly activates the middle delts.

Personally, I don’t like this approach, which even many lifters dislike because at a point of time the movement becomes painful.

Seated Barbell Press is the best shoulder workout that you can do to add up the muscle mass in your shoulders.

Seated Overhead Barbell Press must be done at the beginning of the workout. At the initial sets, load the bar with heavy and challenging weights. Use a spotter if available or a backrest seat to support the heavy sets.

2. Arnold Press

One of the best dumbbell shoulder workout named after the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger. This exercise targets the delts differently.

In this exercise, you have to start by holding the dumbbells in front of your shoulders with your palms facing you. Push the dumbbell over your head and simultaneously rotate your wrist so that when your arms are stretched out straight at the top, your palms must face forward.


And while lowering the dumbbells, rotate your wrist in the opposite direction so that when you reach the starting position again, your palms must face you.

Arnold Press can act as a great alternative shoulder workout to regular dumbbell press.

Arnold Press must be done right after you complete doing the overhead press.

If you did your overhead press with heavy weights and low rep range, consider doing the Arnold Press with moderate weight and higher rep range.

3. Upright Row

Upright Row is a multi-joint shoulder workout which targets the middle delts. This has many variations. The upright Rows can be done on cables, using a smith machine or with an EZ Bar. Each of the variations has its own advantage but none of the variations are better than others.


I am saying this because I tried all the variations of this workout and the deciding factor comes here is the wrist comfort. For me, I found that doing an upright row with an EZ Bar is much comfortable because here my wrist feels much comfortable.

But here is a piece of advice for you.

While you are performing this exercise, don’t take a close grip. Taking a close grip will result in rotating the shoulder internally.

Instead, take a shoulder-width grip. In a shoulder-width grip, your upper arms will go out to your sides directly.

Both of the grip sizes have their own advantages. When you take a closer grip, you will have an increased range of motion and a wider grip provides you a better delt activation.

A wide grip upright row minimizes the role of biceps in the movement which means the wide grip upright rows are a great exercise for targetting middle delts.

The Upright Row is a multi-joint movement but doesn’t do it at the beginning of the workout.

I know you will be thinking that why I am stopping you from doing a multi-joint movement at the beginning of the workout.

That is because we are targetting the shoulder muscle and as I said there is no exercise better than overhead press to start the shoulder workout.

Presses are a great compound exercise which builds shoulder muscle better than any other exercises.

So consider doing the upright rows after the overhead press. You can choose to do the exercise at the end as a burnout move to bring up the middle delts.

4. Dumbbell Lateral Raise

Dumbbell Lateral Raise are a great single-joint shoulder workout movement which targets the middle delts.

But does the exercise looks easier to you? Well, it is not like that. Lateral raises looks easier but actually, it is one of the exercises which is very hard to master.


And from “hard to master” I mean doing it with a correct form.

People who just started will find it hard in learning how to use their elbows in this exercise. Normally, they will rest at the bottom of the motion. But that is not how you do it.

The best way is to stop at the downward arc when your arms are about 40 degrees out to your sides.

There is also a way to make this shoulder workout better. On some sets, make your arms go past your shoulder height. This will increase the range of motion. But when you do this, make sure you are losing some weights on dumbbells for this variation.

Use this shoulder workout with other single-joints movements which come after multi-joint movements like Seated Barbell Press and Arnold Press.

But you have to keep in mind about how you are feeling your delts. When you do the exercise that is listed above, you are already targetting the middle delts very well. You just have to make sure what your target is. If you want to pop up the middle delts than do this exercise first but if you want to concentrate on the front or rear delts more, do this exercise at the end of your workout.

5. Front Dumbbell Raise

If you want to work on your anterior delts than no exercise is better than the Front Dumbbell Raise. Raising your hands straight directly to the front of your body targets the anterior delts of your shoulder muscle.


I decided to put this exercise at last because of the reason that in most case this part of the shoulder muscles get trained every time you hit chest. And most people tend to train chest muscle more often which results in well developed anterior delts muscle.

There are 3 variations to this exercise: Barbell, Dumbbell, and Cables.

But I would like to choose dumbbell over the other two variations. This is because with dumbbells you can focus on each side independently. This will not only help you in spotting your weak side and any imbalances but will also help you in correcting them.

Also, make sure that your core muscles are tight during this exercise because it needs core stability.

Basically, this exercise is not that much important to me as compared to other shoulders exercises but I will put this exercise on the list because of the people whose anterior delts are not much developed.

So if you are someone who has underdeveloped anterior delt muscle, you can do it at the start of the single-joint exercise. Make this the first single-joint exercise that you have to do after you complete the multi-joint exercises.

And if you are someone who has a well-developed anterior delts muscle, prefer doing it at the last of your workout. This is because your front delts muscle is already well-developed. Now you have to focus on the middle delts and the rear delts muscle.


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