Best Short Workout Plan For You


How To Plan Your Best 15 Minute Short Workout

I am busy! The best line to skip your workout session very easily. Or you love your workout session so much that you are worried about skipping it? No worries. In this article, I will guide you on how you can build your best short workout plan that you can complete it within a mere 15 minutes.

Many people need a minimum of 1 hour to have a perfect and effective workout. And some of them are just not satisfied with it.

This “more is better mentality” is what drives people in working out for hours.

Now they are satisfied with their session.

If you also have the time to spare, you can surely use it while doing an intense workout.

But if something unexpected happens like a household emergency, work emergency, car breakdown or any other tantrums life throws at you to interrupt your schedule, it is super easy to get discouraged and skip your workout.

Whenever life throws an unexpected surprise at you, be a sport and face it. But don’t compromise with your fitness goals.

Each workout session is like a step forward to your goals.

Skip a day, and you are already a step backward.

But the good news is that, even with all the unexpected problems popping up on your way, you can still workout even for some minutes.

In this article, I will be talking about the best short workouts you can do to complete your daily fitness requirement within 15 minutes.

But before you actually kick start with your dumbbells, you should take note of some simple rules that will help you to make most of the time you invest.

Best Short Workout Rule 1:

Choose The Best Exercise That Will Work For You

When you are short on time, you surely will be confused about what exercises to choose from.

That may end up with you choosing a completely wrong exercise and later regretting about it.


If you are short on time, choosing and implementing the best exercise something which is non-negotiable. You must choose an exercise where you will get the most benefit out of it.

Compound Exercises like the Squats and Step-Ups for Legs Muscles, Bench Press for the Chest muscles and the Deadlift for the Back Muscles would be a very useful choice.

This kind of compound exercises are very useful if you want to build muscles but you have a very short time in your hand.

Like you already know how important compound exercises are. They can work on your entire body and activate more muscle groups.

The reason you should start with compound exercises is that compound exercises require more energy to perform than the isolation exercises. These can be the best if you are short on time.

But if you are planning to complete the whole workout session within a few minutes, you should focus more on the compound exercises. It is the best way to kick start the workout and make the most of it.

Best Short Workout Rule 2:

Work Hard, But Also Work Smart

Now that you have chosen the right exercise that suits you, now it is the time to decide how much load and effort is going to help you.


Right load and right effort will help you when you decide to have a short and quick workout.

Work hard by choosing a heavy load and give your 100 percent focus and effort into each and every rep your perform. In this way, you don’t have to waste time on the reps that are too easy or that are done poorly.

However, being smart while training is also important.

Never sacrifice the proper exercise form for more weight and more reps. Improper form with more weights and more reps will do more harm than good. So try to keep your form good even if you are training with lighter weights.

Do not rush your reps!

I know many people will have a tendency to rush it and complete their reps as soon as possible. But please don’t do this even if you are thinking of doing it.

Short and quick workout surely means completing a whole workout session within 10-15 minutes but rushing your reps will only hamper your growth results and increase any chances of injury. Take your time and stay focused.

Best Short Workout Rule 3:

Try To Train Your Entire Body

Most common mistake people commit is doing the same movements over and over.


Make sure you won’t commit the same mistake as others do. To get highly benefitted from your workouts, you have to stop repeating them.

Make sure you don’t ignore the major parts of the body. Doing free squats and push-ups will surely help your upper body and legs but you may completely ignore the back of your body.

When I am short in time, I prefer training in 3-sets which will include 3 exercises. The sets will include a leg exercise, a pull, and a push exercise for upper-body. I personally use my own routine whenever I am short in time and want a good workout. You can also try them and see if you are comfortable with it.

My Routine

First Exercise: Squats ( 1 set * 20-25 reps with moderate weight)




Second Exercise: Bench Press (1 set * 20 reps with moderate weight)



Third Exercise: T-Bar Rows (1 set * 20 reps with moderate weight)


You can customize it according to your own comfort level by replacing it with the free weights like dumbbells or kettlebells.

But the exercise you do will totally depend on the types of equipment that is available to you. If you don’t have enough time to visit the gym, you can also train at your home by doing some bodyweight exercises. Or also you can also go for dumbbell exercise if you have dumbbells at your home.

If you are traveling and the hotel has only dumbbells, you can combine some bodyweight exercises with the dumbbell exercise. It will be quick, short, and effective.

Some Quick and Short Workouts

Now you know the rules and you also have a great workout routine you can use whenever you are short in time. These two routines above can be of great use when you are short in time and can complete it within 15 minutes. Here are some more workout routines you can use accordingly.

Workout 1: This routine consists of 3 different workouts which you can complete in 15 minutes. Here you have to perform one exercise after another continuously for 15 minutes. You can rest when you need to rest. The range of the repetition is up to you. If you want to build strength, you can do 6-8 reps with heavier weight and if you want to have muscle growth and physical fitness, you can do 10-12 reps with moderate weight.


Dumbbell Lunge: 12 reps per leg



Push-Up: 12 reps



Dumbbell Row: 12 reps



Workout 2: Set a timer for 15 minutes. At the start of every minute, do a set of the given exercise.

For example, at the start of the minute, you will do a set of Exercise 1.  If you have completed the first exercise, rest till the end of the minute. Then at the start of the second minute, start exercise 2 and if you complete the exercise before the end of the 2nd minute, take rest.

Repeat this pattern for a total of 15 mins.

The rep range is up to you. You can use any rep range from 5, 10 or even 15 reps.


First Minute (1:00) – Barbell Deadlift { 10 reps }



Second Minute (2:00)- Barbell Shoulder Press { 10 reps }



Third Minute (3:00)- Chin Up { 10 reps }



Fourth Minute (4:00)- Barbell Romanian Deadlift { 10 reps }



Fifth Minute (5:00)- Barbell Shoulder Press { 10 reps }



Workout 3: It will be a combo workout. You have to begin with the first exercise and perform as many rounds as possible in 6 mins. Working hard and keeping the rest set to a minimum will be a great option. I would suggest you keep the working reps as low as 5-8 reps.

Once you complete as many rounds as possible of the first exercise you need to rest for 1-2 minutes. Then you can go and perform as many rounds as possible in six minutes of the second exercise.

You can go for a higher range of reps that is 10-15 reps.

You may think that 6 minutes isn’t enough time but if you work hard and keep the rest time low as possible, you will find it very difficult to achieve when you actually work hard.

Combo Workout Exercises

Exercise Set 1:

Step Up (5 reps per leg)



Dumbbell Bench Press (5 reps)



Barbell Rows (5 reps)

Barbell- Rows



Exercise Set 2:

Barbell Hip Thrust (10 reps)



Barbell Push Press (10 reps)



Lat Pull Down (10 reps)



Stop Giving Excuses

Let’s accept it, you cannot always be available for your regular training session. Sometimes you will surely be short on time. Whenever you will have a very less time to hit the gym, you have to change your current routine. Try to go for any best short workout that suits you.

In the above article, you have a wide variety of options which includes exercises which will work on your upper body, lower body, the front portion of the body and as well as the back portion.

And from now on, you don’t have to miss any workout because you have 15 mins in hand.


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