Best Back Exercises That You Need Right Now


Grow Your Back With These Best Back Exercises

A strong back is the main pillar of a muscular physique. In this article, I will show you guys the best back exercises that will help you build the back of your dreams. This exercise guide will help you put on the size and build a powerful back.


Are you also looking to build a broad back?

Oh yes, of course, you are! Who doesn’t?

Probably you may think that back isn’t a muscle group which can be visually attractive, unlike chest, biceps, triceps or abdominals. But a muscular back is very much important to build an overall good looking physique.

If you want to look dense, thick and powerful, a muscular back is the main key.

This set of back exercises will help you in getting bigger lats, make your mid-back more muscular and will make your traps stronger.

This exercises also contains some movements which will also train your shoulders and biceps.

So go ahead check out this guide on the best back exercises that will help you get the most muscular back that you’ve ever dreamt of.

This back exercises guide consists of:

1. Wide Grip Pull Up

Grip: Wide

Sets: 5

Repetition: 12, 11, 10, 9, 8 reps

2. Bent over Barbell Row

Grip: Wide

Sets: 5

Repetition: 14, 12, 10, 8, 6 reps

3. Underhand Cable Pulldown

Grip: Medium

Sets: 3

Repetition: 8, 10, 12 reps

4. One-Arm Dumbell Row

Sets: 3

Repetition: 20, 15, 10 reps

5. Seated Cable Rows

Grip: Close

Sets: 3

Repetition: 12, 10, 8 reps

6. Straight Arm Pull Down

Grip: Wide

Sets: 4

Repetition: 12, 10, 8, 6 reps

A Short Piece Of Advise For These Muscle Building Back Exercises

This set of back workout mainly focuses on hypertrophy. It is a high-volume, muscle building back workout that will surely increase your muscle mass and you will have a muscular back in no time.

This back workout will make your back muscles more solid and thick. But getting the best back muscles won’t be easy.

As they say, “big goals require big work”.

You will also have to put in serious hard work.

As you saw above, all these exercises are one of the best back exercises. And you must be thinking, “Why isn’t deadlifts included here?”

Well, all I want to say is that you can also build a great muscular back without deadlifting. You just need a proper training mindset to achieve it as a finished product.

Get Yourself Prepared For This Back Workout Program

So get yourself and your mind ready as this workout is what you need now.


This muscle building back workout includes some great drop sets, tri sets, stretching between the sets and some heavy lifting.

Try to lift to failure on all your sets. But make sure that your form is on point because heavy lifting with the wrong form will just give nothing but severe injuries.

Pay attention to your rest periods. Keep them short to make the workout more intense and don’t waste time in talking with others or clicking some selfies in the gym. Longer rest periods will just take away all your pump.

Keep in mind that during a hypertrophy workout no one keeps the rest time between the sets for more than 1 minute. Exceeding it will make you lose your muscle pump all that is not a good thing if you are training for hypertrophy.

All the exercises above focus on increasing the lats muscles, delts muscles and traps. It mainly works on the mid-back muscles and some works on the shoulder muscles.

So Let’s Get Some Back Gains With These Best Muscle Building Back Exercises

Our first exercise on the program is:

1. Wide-Grip Pull Up:

Wide-Grip Pull Up is a very important back exercise. It mainly works on lats muscle. Wide-Grip Pull Up also strengthens the lats muscles and makes the back wide.


You must squeeze your back on every rep and at the bottom of each rep, release your lats muscle fully before completing your another repetition.

Have you already mastered pull up and you want more from this exercise?

You must try to do a weighted pull-up. Weighted Pull Up is just pull-up by adding extra weights to your body. Weighted Pull Up is much tougher than the regular pull-ups.

But even when you are doing a Weighted Pull-Up, you should make sure that your form on every pull-up is perfect. The correct form of Weighted Pull-Ups includes your hands to be shoulder-width apart, torso slightly angled back, shoulder blades are back and contracted when you are pulling your body upwards.

It is always not important to do a weighted pull-up. If you are unable to perform a weighted pull-up, you should go for the bodyweight regular pull-up instead. But make sure that you are performing 10-12 reps per set.

2. Bent Over Barbell Row:

Bent Over Barbell Row is a great mass building exercise for back. This exercise targets the mid-back and the lower back.


Whenever you are doing a bent over barbell row, the best position will be at standing up with your back straight.

After that hinge at the hips. Lean forward to a 45-degree angle.

This is the starting position for Bent Over Barbell Row.

For your every rep, extend your arms and your lats muscle fully before pulling the bar up.

Choose a heavy but manageable weight in which you can complete your sets without compromising your form.

Complete 4 working sets with the weight you choose and on the last set, do a triple drop set.

It means you have to drop the weight after the 4th working set and go as heavy as possible for you for as many reps as possible.

Then strip more weight on the bar and perform two more reps.

While performing the every working set, make sure you are training to fail. This principle will force your muscle to grow.

3. Under Hand Cable Pull Down:

Under Hand Cable Pull Down or the Reverse-Grip Lat Pull Down is an exercise which really targets the lats muscle.


The best way to train your lats with this exercise is to keep your hands shoulder-width apart, maintain a straight back and pull your elbows down as far as possible.

This is the 3rd exercise of this workout guide, and if you follow the exact way to train your back, you will start feeling your lats pumped up.

At this stage, you may want to give up on your back day but you have to keep yourself motivated. Keep your goal in your mind and you will pass through any fatigue moment.

4. One-Arm Dumbbell Row:

One-Arm Dumbbell Row also known as Single-Arm Dumbbell Row is an exercise which targets the lats muscle and the mid-back. There are two kinds of Dumbbell Rows: Double-Arm Dumbbell Rows and Single-Arm Dumbbell Rows.


Usually, people prefer doing Single-Arm Dumbbell Rows because it works on the lats and mid-back muscle of each side of your body individually.

In One-Arm Dumbbell Row you can really focus on extending your arm all the way down which will stretch your lats muscle and then when you bring your elbow up, squeeze it at the top to work on the mid-back muscle.

While you do this exercise initially, you will find this exercise a bit tricky.

You cannot master it in the first try, so you have to choose your position according to the comfort level of your body.

Some people like doing it in the bench while others like doing it by leaning over the dumbbell rack. You can try both and see what works best for you.

But the most important thing is to focus on the mechanics of the exercise.

When talking about the weights, choose a weight with which you can perfectly work on this movement. Don’t be an ego lifter and pick up the heaviest dumbbell.

Instead, go for a lighter dumbbell.  With that, you can squeeze hard at the top before releasing the arm fully all the way to the ground.

This is different than regular dumbbell rows because many people prefer it doing with the heavy dumbbells but with the lighter weight, you will really feel the difference at the top.

5. Seated Rows:

Seated Rows is a common back exercise because it hits all the muscles in the back. The main muscles that the seated rows targets are the traps, mid-back, lower back, and the lats muscles.


The secondary muscles that it target are the shoulders muscles and the biceps muscles.

When you perform a seated cable row, make sure you are pulling your elbows outside. While you are performing the movement, squeeze the shoulder blades backward.

When you squeeze your shoulder blades backward, hold it for a second. In this way, you will reap the most benefit this exercise has to offer.

If your gym doesn’t have a seated cable row machine, you can replace it by doing dumbbell rows. Alternating an exercise helps you in targetting the same muscles from a different angle. Change your exercises at every point of time to keep your muscles challenged and continue your strength and muscle gains.

6. Straight Arm Pulldown:

Straight Arm Lat Pulldown is a very useful lats exercise which forces the lats muscle to grow out and grow wide. Many newbie gym-goers think that this exercise works for triceps as it looks like the triceps pull-down exercise. But both of the exercises are different when it comes to target muscles and the movement of the exercise.


In this exercise, you need to grab a bar at the top of the pulley with a shoulder width grip.

Bend your torso forward at an angle of 30 degrees and bend your elbows slightly so that while doing the movement, your triceps muscles get least affected.

While keeping your arms straight, pull down the bar to your waist. Keep pulling until your hands touch your thighs. Breathe out while pulling the bar down.

Again, keeping your arms straight, go back to the starting position while breathing in.


Back muscles are a very large muscle group. Almost every exercises used for training the back muscles are pulling exercise.

The final take from this article is that all the exercises listed above are the best back exercises that you can do to achieve the most sculpted back you’ve ever dreamt of.

These are the exact back exercises that other pros are doing over the years and it has really helped them.

There are many other programs on other websites which will guide you with your workout plans but all other guides will have one thing in common- the exercises. Exercises are the main thing which will build the muscle, so try to focus on the repetition and the sets of the exercises.

All you need is a good nutrition plan and proper rest to make the most recovery of the muscles you trained. Recovery makes the muscles grow.


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