Best Tips to Gain Weight Naturally


Best Tips to Gain Weight Naturally

You think losing those extra kilos is hard? I bet that gaining those extra kilos is much harder. That too when you want to gain weight naturally and safely.

This complete guide will show you how you can gain weight fast, naturally and safely- with a minimum amount of body fat and with maximum muscle mass.

You will get various plans in different sites which will help you to lose weight effectively. But you don’t want it right?

Skinny teenagers, underweight guys and the hardgainers of all types of Ectomorph peoples constantly visit different sites to get some tips about gaining weight.

You are here with a motive to gain your weight naturally. And this guide will be the best guide you will find. It will not only help you gain your weight naturally but will also help you develop some good amount of muscle mass.

How to Gain Weight Naturally: Your Basic Knowledge

You need some good knowledge of anything that you want to execute. Like if you want to lift weights, you need to have knowledge of various things like position, posture, form, reps, and sets.


Just like that you also need to have some basic knowledge about gaining weight.

On your journey of gaining weight, these are the basic things you have to know

  • Consume or eat more calories than you burn
  • Increase good fat intake
  • Supplement a weight gainer shake
  • Eat calorie-rich food
  • Lift big and heavy!

People who are hardgainers have tried to gain weight in the past and knows how hard it is to increase weight for an ectomorph. If you are an ectomorph too, there is one simple tip for you to increase the weight that is EAT BIG.

Sometime a thought will come up your mind that you can’t eat any more than you are eating now. It may feel too uncomfortable. And that is totally natural.

It is not easy to consume more calories than your regular consuming limit. But if you want to increase weight then this is exactly what you have to do. Along with this, you have to train right and heavy and supplement correctly. Then allow your body to rest.

But to gain weight successfully, you need a good reason to do it.

Just realizing that “I want to gain weight” might not be a great reason to keep you focused on your track. So think about that good reason why you want to gain weight.

Did a health expert advise you to increase weight because you are underweight?

Do you feel that you are underweight?

Do you want to feel stronger and want to bulk up and get some muscles?

Or do you want to look less skinny?

Whatever your reason is, think about the weight you want to gain to reach your goals. Having a specific weight goal will make it easier for you to track your progress.

Expect Some Weight Gain To Be Body Fat

Let’s see some possible concerns you might have.

There are some people whom you may know consumed a lot more calories than necessary and didn’t plan any workout schedule. As a result, they got really fat.


That is definitely not what this guide is about.

I am here to provide you with some weight gaining tips which will help you add good muscle weight. Not a bad weight which we call as body fat.

This is also not a possibility that you won’t gain any fat. You will.

To add some muscle mass you have to increase your daily calorie intake. This will also bring some extra fat mass. But you don’t have to worry. With the right type of exercise, you will gain a very less amount of fat.

REMEMBER: If you have been trying to gain weight from a long time, it is highly unlikely that you will put on 20 pounds (8.5 kg) of unwanted fats. This may happen if you do the common mistake of not exercising enough.

Calories You Need To Eat To Gain Weight

As discussed above, there is this one simple formula which you needed to gain weight.

That is: You need to eat more calories than the calories you burn.

Now you may have a desire to know how much calories you need to consume to increase your weight?

You can start fresh with this calculator by

This calculator will check the activity level that you have to choose from the mentioned ones. Be honest and choose the activity level which matches with your daily life.

What if you choose a different activity level?

Suppose you are not at all active in your daily life and you choose as ‘very active’, the calculator will give you calories which will result in making you develop excess bad fats instead of muscle.

So be honest and true to yourself and choose the exact activity level that you are living in your life. If not, you will be getting a calorie intake recommendation that will not match your daily consumption level. With unmatched calories intake with your daily intake, it will either leave you hungry or make you feel bloated.

So after you fill up the values in the calculator, you will receive your Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) number. Once you get your TDEE number, you must add at least 400 calories more to it.

Start experimenting with adding 400 calories more with the TDEE number and see what happens.

If you see that it isn’t affecting your current weight by increasing it, increase the calories from 400 to 600 or 900 to your TDEE number.

If you notice that you are gaining weight too quickly, drop the calories amount back to 100-200 extra per day. With the combination of right calorie intake and right workout, you will increase your body weight to 0.5-1.5 pounds each week. If you find yourself nowhere near the target range, you have to adjust the regular calorie intake.

You Have To Choose Wisely As You Have To Eat More Food

The major problem peoples had to go through is the amount of food they have to consume to see the results. Surely, you have to consume a high amount of calories, but there are a few ways or techniques which will help you to decrease the volume of food you have to consume. This may help as you don’t have to feel bloated everytime you eat high calories.


You know you have to consume high calories to see changes in your weight gain. But How?

I advise you to do your best to consume nutrient-dense and calorie-rich food.

You can have many calorie-rich foods like oils, fats, nuts and seeds, chicken, meat, eggs, dairy products, and fish. These are some great sources to have a good amount of calories without even filling your stomach.

Stop wasting your time and health by eating junk foods- they are not healthy calories which will add up to increase your weight with affecting negatively.

Instead, you must go for protein-rich food.

As you know Protein is one of the most valuable nutrients which is needed by the human body on a daily basis.

Protein is an important part of your weight gaining diet. But you should be aware of the consumption of protein.

You don’t have to consume 2-4 grams of protein per pound of body weight. You will find many weight gaining diets suggesting the same.

There is no scientific evidence which suggests that eating a high amount of protein will increase muscle mass. High protein diet is often very expensive and you can have a very tough time affording it just for weight gaining purpose.

If you think that protein is very expensive for the diet you are having for gaining weight, then you can try to switch up to carbohydrates (carbs).

Carbohydrates offer the same number of calories per gram as compared to protein. And the most amazing thing about carbohydrates is that they are highly affordable.

The best thing about carbohydrates is that it doesn’t make you feel bloated, unlike protein and fats. So you can eat more carbohydrates. With that being said, you can add more carbohydrates because it is totally safe to consume more carbs on your weight gain diet.

There are plenty of sources of carbohydrates to choose from.

But I would recommend you to go for noodles, white rice and white bread for carbohydrate intake.

All these sources of carbohydrates have a low fiber content which won’t fill you up quickly.

The other sources of carbohydrates are fruits and vegetables. They are also a great source of vitamins, minerals, and water.

The water they contain can make you feel full. While you are already full, you will be going less for a meal second time.

You can also supplement yourself with multivitamins if you think you are getting less of the micronutrients in this hardcore diet to gain weight.

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Do Not Fear The Fat In a Diet to Gain Weight

What do I mean when I say Don’t Fear the Fat?

Go out and ask anyone ‘What is Fat?’

You will scare them off.

We all know, fat has become a dirty word in our society.


All we want is lean and low-fat. But many of you are unaware that fats are an important nutrient for a human body. They are much needed in the human body as compared to other nutrients. Fats covers up the vital organs in your body by cushioning them and also helps you digest different types of vitamins and minerals. Fats are necessary for optimum brain function.

You are here on this page to know how can you gain weight?

Here it is. The easiest way to add more weight is to add extra calories. Fats are the easiest way to add extra calories. They can add up to 2x the number of calories than carbs and protein can add.

Sources of fats such as Avocados, Cashews, Peanut Butter and Fish are very dense calorically. And they also taste good.

But do not get blinded and go for the wrong source of fats. You will get filled up by some saturated fats which are unhealthy for your health and the goals you want to have.

The source of your fats must be from good and quality sources which include raw nuts, peanut butter, avocado, mayonnaise, sunflower seeds, meats etc.

As I mentioned earlier, the goal is not to make you a stuffed teddy bear. The goal is the increase your weight with correct diet and a good amount of muscle mass.

The thermic effect of fats in food is much lower compared to carbohydrates and protein.

With that I mean to say is that your body will burn 6-40 percent fewer calories digesting fats than it does with carbs and protein.

The fewer calories your body expends to digest the food the more calories you will retain and it will directly help you increase your overall body weight.

There is one way you can increase your fat content in your diet is by cooking your meat and veggies in olive oil, coconut oil and other oils which are high in calorie.

If you are a non-vegetarian then you can go for chicken thighs instead of chicken breasts cooked with olive oil.


Losing weight is surely very tough but the phase of gaining weight is not that easy. Only the skinny guys and the hardgainers will know this fact.

The basic things you need to do to gain weight is eating more calories than you are burning, eat high-calorie foods and lift heavy and workout regularly.

You should not worry about the fact that you’ll get body fat while you are in a high-calorie diet. It is a very common thing for every person who is in a high-calorie diet. But surely you need to take careful measures when you are high-calorie diet because you want to have a good weight with a good muscle mass and not to turn into a fat teddy bear.

Because you have to eat more calories, you must choose your food carefully. You weight gain diet depends on the choice of foods you will consume.

Choose some high-calorie foods which are healthy and is well supported with the diet you are having for weight gain. You can include protein, carbs, and fats for that purpose.


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