Foods To Gain Weight : The Best Guide


The Best Guide About The Foods That Will Help You Gain Weight

Are you an ectomorph or a hard gainer who is trying to gain weight? You surely know that losing weight is tough. But gaining weight is also tough if you are an ectomorph body guy or a hard gainer. However, you can gain weight by adding certain foods to your diet. It will make a positive impact on your weight gain efforts.

As you know that people who are losing weight had to cut out salt, sugar, butter or any kind of flavored creams.

But that is not the case with the people who are trying to gain weight. People who are trying to put on some weight should eat more calories.

You can add gravy, sauces, creamy dressings, and other toppings to your foods.

The benefit is that it will add taste to your food and you will want to eat more and it will also help you to pack extra necessary calories.

Certain foods like nuts, peanuts, cashews, olive oil, vegetable oil, butter, peanut butter, honey, coconut oil, yogurt can help in your weight gain process.

You can drink milk throughout the day, make yourself a peanut butter sandwich, drink a homemade mass gainer shake to raise your daily calorie intake.

If you are a hard gainer without a big appetite, it may be a tough task for you to eat maximum calories. But you have to eat a high-calorie meal every 2-3 hours to see some positive changes in your weight gaining process.

You can’t eat all of these calorie-dense foods all at once. If you do eat, it will make you feel bloated. So you have to plan your meals.

Planning your meals after every 2-3 hours will help you in easy consumption of calories.

Refuel Your Body At Regular Intervals With Correct Foods To Gain Weight Effectively

After you are done with the proper plan for the diet, you can make some tweaks to your workout routine.


The first thing that you should make a note is that you should never go for training while you are hungry. When you train with an empty stomach, you’ll need more energy. The body will generate energy by burning the stored fats and the existing muscle tissues. That will be a complete opposite of your weight gain plans. You won’t gain much weight doing that.

To reap the maximum benefit from your training, you need to keep your body fueled. You have to consume 3 calorie dense meal before training.

If you a person who trains in the morning, you should consider the meal right after your workout as the highest calorie-rich meal of the day.

As you know the body after a workout can suck up all the nutrients provided to it.

If you fail in to provide a huge amount of carbs and protein to the body right after your workout, the recovery process will be slow and ineffective.

Right after you finish your workout you have to fuel your body with the best high-calorie foods. It is because of the post-workout stage where the body will start the recovery process and build new muscle tissues. This is the best time where you should gulp down the high-calorie shake.

The best thing about consuming the extra calories is that you will feel energetic in the gym. You can use this energy to train harder with bigger weights or train more days of the week.

If you feel like eat, train, sleep, repeat then you are on the right track.

Gaining Muscle Also Helps in Weight Gain

Now that you know that muscles can also increase your weight, you can start to follow a good weight training program.


You have to continue this training routine until the day you reach your ultimate weight gaining goal. This should be done while eating good calorie-dense foods and lifting weights regularly. This will help you to avoid unwanted fats which can take your weight gaining goal in another direction.

You will have to stick to your strength and hypertrophy exercise routine if want people to notice your gains and muscle mass.

Hypertrophy based exercises require 3-4 sets using a moderate weight and around 70-80 percent of your one repetition maximum. You can increase your muscle building hormones and growth hormones using this type of exercises.

Surely you have to train hard in your sessions but make sure that you are getting enough rest between sets. Maximum of 2 mins of rest between sets. Adequate rest between the sets will lower your heart rate so that you can be ready for the next set.

The benefit of keeping your heart rate low is that it will help you protect the calories you are eating so you don’t have to use them up while you are training.

But hey, there is a catch.

Increasing your rest period will make your workout sessions longer.

If you already have a scheduled workout session, then it will be better if you reduce the number of exercises you do. Selecting your exercise is the most important thing you need to do.

Choosing the Correct Exercise to Gain Weight


Some of the big lifts like squats, deadlifts, bench press, and shoulder press are best for packing on some serious muscle mass. These are some compound exercise which every hard gainer should add on to their list of workouts.

But if you are short on energy, you can also choose to go with a single joint movement.

Single joint movements like leg press and leg extensions can increase muscle size but it is not as effective as a compound movement.

In case if you are going for both the compound movement and the isolation movement which targets a large muscle group, you must choose to do the compound movement first in your workout.


Supplements That Will Help You Gain Weight


This is a clear statement that whole foods helps you the most to gain weight efficiently.

But this is also true that like any whole foods, supplements are also a major player in your weight gain diet.

So let us first know why exactly is a supplement created?

Supplements are created to help any person in gaining weight with the addition of extra calories along with the whole foods he/she is consuming.

Everybody needs a little help in his journey of losing fats or gaining weight.

Gaining some muscle mass can be as difficult as losing body fats. But adding some simple supplements to the diet can make the weight gaining process a little easier.

Let us have a look at some of these simple yet very useful supplements which can help you gain your weight

Weight Gainer:

Weight Gainer supplements are the best supplements that you need for your goals. It comes loaded with carbohydrates, protein, and fats so that you can quickly increase your calories without any hassle. Some weight gaining products enables you to consume more than 1000 calories per serving. So you know how good a weight gaining product can be.


ZMA is a great supplement for muscle recovery. If you want your muscles to grow, you have to give it some time to recover. The supplement ZMA is one of the leading supplement which can recover muscles overnight and recover it. Zinc is a combination of Zinc, Magnesium and vitamin B which is best when taken before you go to bed to enhance muscle recovery and increase muscle strength and size.


Creatine is one useful supplement which indirectly helps you gain weight. It helps in increasing your performance in the gym by making you feel stronger and able to lift more weight which directly helps in increasing muscle mass. Creatine is responsible for water retention in your muscle cells and makes your muscle look bigger and heavier. There are many misconceptions about this supplement but I can say that this supplement is the most researched supplement in the market. Creatine is totally safe to use and there is no reason not to take it. But my recommended dosage will be around 5 gms per day and should not exceed that.


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More Weight Gain Tips For You

Now as you know there are 3 main pillars of your weight gain routine. Eating, Working Out and Supplementing works as the main backbone for your weight-gain goals but these tips can make the whole process more efficient.

Get some sleep

You may know this very well that foods and training are the main important things for a fitness goal. Whether is a weight loss or a weight gain program, foods and nutrition are most important.


But you must also know that sleeping is very important for your fitness regimen. It is as much important as nutrition and training. Hard work surely pays off, but not in the gym. It pays off in the home when you are having a good sleep. So make sure you are resting enough to reap all the benefits that your hard work has to offer you.

If you are not sleeping enough you are increasing your cortisol level. Cortisol is a stress hormone produced by your adrenal glands that can stimulate muscle breakdown. It is also a responsible loss of muscle mass and weight.

Only good rest can reduce the amount of cortisol in you.

Do not skip the Ice Cream

Ice Creams are like the extra tasty calories you need.

Your muscles aren’t really picky about what type of calories they consume. So eating ice creams can be a delicious way to add calories to your diet.

But you need to remember the things that you learned about sugar. Refined sugar is unhealthy for the body and can increase your body fat instead of increasing the muscle mass. So whenever you go out to have ice cream, remember not to overeat it or eat it every day. This can affect the hard work you are doing to bring up your body weight.

Gain Weight By Eating Foods Outside

When I say go out and eat, I am not encouraging you to eat junk foods.


There are many restaurants which offers foods which are much more rich in calories than the foods you prepare at home. As because this kind of foods is high in calories, it will directly help you in your weight gain program.

The people who are going through the weight loss phase should avoid eating outside. But when are planning to add muscle mass and size and gain overall body weight, you should consider eating outside once or twice a week.

When you are in a calorie surplus game, you can eat everything that will help you in weight gain.

If you have money to spend on restaurant meals, you must go for it.

You will enjoy having your high-calorie meals as because it will taste good.

But if you want to stick with homemade foods, the best thing you can do is to double what you are eating. Like, if you are eating 2 eggs per day, make it 4 eggs. If you are eating 1 chicken breasts, make it 2. That is how you will make out most of the homemade foods as it will be effective in your weight gain process.

Be Patient in Your Weight Gain Journey

You must have heard the proverb “Rome was not built in a day”

Nothing great can be achieved in a day.

If you want to gain weight or add any muscle mass you have to work hard for months to see any changes. Adding even a kilo needs a consistent hard work of at least 3 months.

If you can understand this fact, you will be much less frustrated if you don’t see any positive changes within a week. Understanding this fact won’t make you quit on your goal.

Keep Track Of Your Activities

In your way to gain weight, you have to keep tracks of the foods you are eating, your workouts, your weight on a regular basis.


Many peoples don’t count the calories and I am sure you also don’t. But counting the calories will give you a better idea about how much you should eat.

If you have figured out that you have to eat 3000 calories per day to gain weight, you have to keep a track to make sure you are eating 3000 calories per day.

If you have to eat 3000 calories and you find out that you are eating only 2500 calories, you are missing out on 500 calories that are very essential. It can have a serious impact on your weight gain abilities.

Drink More Calories

Drinking more calories can be a perfect replacement for eating calories.

Chewing the food is a time-consuming process. And I am sure that your 24 hours are very worthy and you won’t like to waste your precious time consuming extra meals.

If you start drinking more calories, you can add weight more efficiently.

You can go for milk, protein shakes or the mass gainer shake. These drinks are high in calories.

You can add more high-calorie ingredients to the shakes to make it even more powerful. Things such as egg whites, peanut butter, and oats will make it a very calorie rich drink.

Drink these shakes with every meal and see the effect it does on your weight gain.



Work on building a positive relationship with the foods and you will see the benefits it has to offer.

Try to cook your own meal and also enjoy eating it. The foods you will be eating will be helping you in increasing your muscle mass and gain weight. So choose your foods very carefully. Do not go for foods which are too fatty and oily as it may harm your weight gain and turn you into a fat bear.

In many cases, people usually eat every other available food with a thought to gain weight. But later they find out that they are totally on a different track.

They wanted to increase their weight by increasing the muscle mass but later on, they find themselves surrounded by unwanted stubborn fats that they developed.

Surely they gained weight but not what they desired.


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