How To Lose Weight Fast and Naturally


Your Complete Guide About How To Lose Weight Fast and Naturally

Are you also thinking about how to lose weight fast and naturally? Then, worry no more cause in this article I will be sharing some points and tips about how you can lose weight fast and naturally with guaranteed results.



How To Lose Weight fast and naturally?

The question is still a complete mystery for some people. Why?

Because they have no clue about how they can lose weight. Even if some of them knows how to lose weight, they don’t know where to start.

Losing Weight requires burning of body fats and losing body fats is not an easy task. Only the ones who are trying to lose body fats knows it.

It takes patience more than hard work to lose 4 kgs of body weight. Many of them quit in the first 2 months when they don’t see any positive changes in their weight loss process.

You want to get ready for a bodybuilding contest, participating in a fashion show, getting back in the athletic form for a soccer game or even for a vacation on a beach. You may have different fitness goals.

But your main focus should be on training for fat loss.

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Now that you know fat loss is the main step you have to take to reach your fitness goal, but do you know how much fats you should lose?

Well, it depends on what your goal is.

If you want to compete for a bodybuilding show, you have to be shredded with a body fat percentage of 3-4%.

And if you want a beach body for vacation or want to get fit for a soccer game, a body fat percentage of 10-12% will do.

But for some reasons, most people aren’t able to cut off the body fat percentage and lose their body weight. So without stretching it further, lets us look at some effective fat loss methods below.

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Most Effective Methods To Lose Weight Fast and Naturally

1. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) To Lose Weight Faster


Seriously speaking, this is the ultimate weapon for losing body fat.

But what is High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)?

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) which is also known as Sprint Interval Training (SIT) is a cardio exercise specially designed to cut off the body fats at a higher rate. Fat loss process can be speeded up by doing HIIT.

If you have just started your fat loss program, I would recommend you to stay out of it. HIIT is not suitable for beginners.

But if you are someone who has already started their fat loss program and want to add something more to it, go for HIIT. As HIIT is a very demanding and intense program, it can be better performed by the ones who are in the intermediate to advanced level.

HIIT doesn’t have any time duration but you should avoid it doing for more than 30 minutes. Its duration depends upon the intensity of the workout session.

If you are doing HIIT with high intensity then keeping it to a shorter duration would be better.

An example of HIIT Workouts is 2 mins of skipping combined with 10 mins of fast running and 3 mins of burpees. That is a total 15 mins of HIIT followed by 3 mins of rest time for recovery and cool down.


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2. Eat Vegetables and Increase Your Protein Intake


As you know, Protein is one of the most important macronutrients of the body. It helps in building your muscle while you are in a weight loss program.

Protein is required just to ensure that you don’t lose much of your muscle mass while going on a weight loss diet.

While you are in a strict weight loss diet, your every meal should consist of a protein source and some vegetables with low carb. Consuming such meals will complete your daily macro requirements.

Some sources of protein are

  • Chicken
  • Pork
  • Lamb
  • Salmon
  • Tuna
  • Whole Eggs

You can consume whole eggs because the yolk contains 2 gms of protein.

Your body needs a good protein intake. A good amount of protein intake can boost your metabolism.

When you are cutting your fats, you have to stay in a high protein diet. It is one of the best nutrients to eat when you are in your weight loss program.

Another important macronutrient which you should have while weight loss is carbs. Taking carbs in the form of vegetables is the best option for you.

Some Vegetables which have low carb percentage are

  • Cabbage
  • Lettuce
  • Brocolli
  • Tomatoes
  • Spinach
  • Cauliflower

These low carb vegetable are the best thing to eat while you are losing weight. Even if you eat a lot of these you won’t feel bloated. A plate full of these vegetables will only make up 30-50 gms of carbs for the day.

When you are on a diet with meat and vegetables, you will get all the essential nutrients required to stay healthy.


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3. Start Doing Low-Intensity Exercises To Lose Weight Naturally


You can’t expect to shred off the fats just by going to the gym and hitting some serious weights.

Your fat burning process should start with low-intensity weight training exercises and low-intensity cardio exercises.

This low-intensity approach is mainly required if you are highly overweight. It slowly makes your body ready for high-intensity workout sessions.

Cardio and aerobics are great options to burn body fats to a greater amount if it is done moderately. Try to take your cardio sessions for 30-40 mins on a moderate speed and you will start getting results.

When it comes to weight training, try to concentrate on the reps more than the sets.

High reps with moderate or low weights can burn fats faster. If you are in the initial stage of fat loss through weight training, you must try doing high reps.

But the one thing you should keep in mind is that if you want to lose weight at a faster rate, you have to do the weight training and the cardio in the same program.

Don’t rush it. Just keep it slow and minimize your rest time.


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4.  Do Weights to Lose Weight


When I say Do Weights to Lose weight, I mean some weight lifting can really help in cutting your fats.

Weight Training is a proven way of shredding the body fats. You will see various testimonials from all over the world from the people who get fat to fit.

This isn’t any magic.

Just good eating won’t help you if don’t do anything which burns the stubborn fats.

Lifting weights will require a good amount of energy. When you provide your body low-carb meals, your body will use all the fats stored in your body to generate energy.

While working out, your body will burn these fats and convert it into energy in support of lifting the weights.

Some research showed that when you lift weights on a low-carb diet, you will lose weight but also gain some muscles.

And if you face any problem in lifting regularly, try to lift only 3-4 times a week. Before lifting weights, warm up your muscles to prevent it from injuries.

Get yourself a certified trainer who can help you.

By lifting weights, you will burn a lot of calories and it will also prevent the slow down of your metabolism.

And if you face any problem while lifting weights, you can also opt for cardio exercises like jogging, running, cycling, etc.


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5. Drinking Plenty of Water Helps in Losing Weight Naturally


Plenty of water consumption on a regular basis can also help you in losing weight fast and naturally. You will find many people who have successfully transformed their physique from fat to fit will recommend drinking plenty of water.

Drinking water helps in the metabolism of fat. It helps the liver to do the work of fat conversions to generate energy.

Drinking plenty of water is another step to boost the weight loss process more rapidly.

Try to drink at least of 3-5 liters of water per day. And if you are living in a place where the temperature is hot, then drink more water. It is very important to keep your body hydrated.


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More Tips on How to Lose Weight Fast and Naturally

Plan Your Exercises and Diet to Lose Weight Efficiently


As you know diet and workout are the two most important reasons for effective weight loss. But some people lose their track which shows them no results.

If you are one of them, you will also need a plan.

A plan for an effective workout and a plan for a good diet.

You will lose weight at a faster rate with a plan. Before starting your program, you will need to set up your realistic goals. And to achieve that goal you will need a plan. The plan you have won’t allow you to get distracted from your goals.

When you are targetting to shred off the fats, you will need to take the correct step at the correct time.

Take out any person who transformed himself, you will find he/she followed his own plan. And the plan helped them to take the correct decisions and the people got the results they wanted.

In brief “Big Goals needs Big Work and Great Plans”.


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Use Fat Burner Supplements If Required

Fat Burner Supplements may have a negative reputation in the fitness industry but it is really a useful supplement if taken correctly.

People usually take the fat burner supplements in the wrong way without proper guidance. Without a proper way, this supplement won’t show any positive change.

Fat Burner Supplements can do wonders for you if you take it with a good diet and have a good training regimen.


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Hire a Fitness Expert or a Personal Trainer


A personal trainer is a person who will hold your hand and guide you to your fat loss goal.

So having a trainer or a fitness expert with you can boost your hard work towards your weight loss goals.

If you are a beginner with weight training, you should definitely go for a trainer. A trainer can really help a beginner who is struggling to lose weight naturally.

Do choose a personal trainer who has expertise in weight loss training and muscle building training. A good trainer will know the correct amount of calories your body will require according to your fat loss goals. The trainer will design the plan according to your goals.


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Tips to Lose Weight Fast and Naturally

Avoid any kind of drinks which have sugar in it: Any kind of drink that is high in sugar will provide you extra calories. Such kind of drinks contains most fats. So to lose your weight fats, you have to avoid them.

Eat foods which will help in weight loss: Not every food helps you in losing weight. Some foods are available which won’t provide you many calories even if you eat them in a large amount. Here is a list of the best foods which helps in weight loss.

Drink Coffee: Coffee contains caffeine in it. Caffeine can boost your metabolism and can also work as a pre-workout drink before training. So drink coffee more often.

Weigh your weight every day: Weighing yourself every day will help you in tracking your progress in your weight loss journey. If you aren’t weighing yourself, you might not know whether your hard work is bringing you positive results or not.

Get a good sleep every night: Most people who are overweight lack good sleep every night. Poor sleep can cause weight gain so try to get 8 hours of good sleep at night.


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The Final Take on Losing Weight Fast and Naturally:

Fat is one of the most important macronutrients. Our body needs fat for survival. Without fats, our body won’t be able to generate energy for daily work.

And for athletes who are training for muscle building, they will need a slightly higher fats percentage as they need more energy for their workout sessions.

People usually find the fat loss process as the hardest thing to do. And actually, it is hard. And there could be many reasons why people find it hard.

Most people quit because they don’t see much changes in them. Most of them are lacking knowledge about the proper ways, methods, and diets. So the best way one can lose fat is by gaining enough knowledge about the fat loss process and working hard.


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