Muscle Building For Women: The Best Guide


The Best Muscle Building Guide For Women

What is the best muscle building tips and tricks for women? This article is exactly what you need now.

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Internet is flooded with tips, tricks, and articles about helping women lose their weight. But what about gaining weight and building muscle? This article is a complete guide about how to build muscle for women.

Not only you but mostly all women want a specific type of body.

Some want to have a toned body without looking bulky.

Whereas some want to look lean without looking unattractively thin.

Do you also want some great curves in your legs, butts, and abs?

You can get all of these things without spending the whole day in the gym or starving yourself.

Most of the times, everyone wants to lose weight, get lean and burn the extra fats. But what if you are a hard gainer and want to do the exact opposite?

What if you want to gain some lean muscle mass and put on some healthy weight? For women, I think it is harder to find some good information about that.

If you are also someone who is trying to figure out what to do, then I tell you it’s very simple.

You need to do only two things:

A. Put on muscles to the right areas of the body.

B. Cut down your body fat percentage to 15% to 20%.

That’s all you have to do.

Execute these two points and you will find that you have developed the body you’ve once dreamt of.

And in this article, we are going to focus on the main thing: muscle building for women.

But before going in depths, let us first know why muscle building for women is harder?

The Difference in Muscle Building Between Men and Women

As you all know the main muscle building hormone in our body is the testosterone. Usually, the production of the testosterone in the male body is far more as compared to the female body.


Since testosterone is what helps a body to grow muscles with high intensity, you might be wondering if it is even possible for a woman to gain some lean muscles.

Yes, it is POSSIBLE.

This possibility of building some lean muscle mass will help you in different other ways. It will improve your metabolism, your strength, and your insulin sensitivity.

So my point is that gaining the body weight by muscle building for women is a much better approach than cutting down the body weight by losing the body fats to get your desirable body.

Now that you know that muscle building for women is quite an easy thing to achieve with some hard work and patience. But you will also be familiar with the myths relating to muscle building for women.

Let us just talk about some myth which is related to women’s muscle building and try to find out if they are true.

Myth 1: Toning Their Body Is Better Than Muscle Building For Women.

Muscle Building is hard, instead, I should tone my body.

If I am not wrong, you were also thinking the same thing right?

If you are thinking the same thing, then I must tell you, you are not the only one who is thinking about toning their body instead of building some lean muscle.

There are a lot of great articles and videos over the internet which will serve you some great information about toning your body.

It will show you some different ways of toning your body like eating less and starving yourself, doing some extra cardio sessions and lift some light weights.

The stage of toning your body may feel uncomfortable at times. You will feel tired and hungry because of the less calorie consumption of the body. This may result in you in hating your workouts because of low energy levels. You will have to sacrifice your carbs just to shed off the unnecessary fats of the body.

Now if you enjoy doing all these, then you can go ahead with toning your body.

However, there is an opposite way too.

You can have your dream figure by building some lean muscle mass in your body. The muscles in your body can give you the perfect curves, can shape your body and also tone it.

To get your desired shape, you just need to gain 4-6 kgs of muscle. Not only gaining the muscle will help. You will also have to lose body fat percentage.

The ideal body fat percentage must be 15-20%  to get the best shape.

A combination of lean muscle mass and lower body fat percentage can give you the ideal body shape you want. In this way, you will fit as well as feminine together.

Myth 2: Weight Lifting For Women Makes Them More Masculine And Bulky.

This is the one thing which females usually fears in case of working out. They think lifting weights will make them look masculine.

Are you one of them?

If you are one of them, now it is the time to clear out this myth which is totally false.

Not every woman who lifts can be masculine and bulky.

If you look over the internet, you will find many women who are lifting some serious weights but they have a lean, slim and sexy figure. and to look masculine and bulky needs great hard work and good genetics.

Well, it is also true that there is some woman in the gym who really looks masculine with all their muscles popping out. But there are certain reasons why they get bulky.

So what is the reason that some women get bulky and masculine while some others get slim and lean by maintaining a lean muscle mass?

The only difference is the body fat percentage between them. Women who get bulky by lifting weights have more body fat than the woman who is slim and lean.

It may be hard to accept, but this is the truth.

Do you know how it works?

When you put on some fat, the majority of the fats gets stored on the top of your muscle and on the inside too. In this way, whenever any women with higher fat percentage lift weight they get bulky.

So the final take is that if you have muscle, you have to be lean to avoid looking masculine and bulky.

Now with that being said, let us check out some of the ways which you can follow to build some lean muscle mass.


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6 Ways of Muscle Building For Women Without Looking Bulky


1. Get Yourself a Muscle Building Workout Plan


First and the foremost thing you have to do is to get a workout plan for yourself.

Any kind of workout plan will help you build muscles. But I would recommend you to have a workout plan which focuses on your weak muscle groups.

For example, if your shoulder muscles take a hard time to grow than your chest muscles, then get yourself a workout plan which will focus on your shoulders more than your chest. A workout plan where you can train your shoulders twice per week and chest once per week.

The muscles which are hard to grow must be targetted twice per week for improvement in muscle building.

And for developing lean muscle mass, you have to keep your body fat percentage below 20%. Cardio helps in burning the unnecessary fats but when you are in the muscle building stage, try to keep your cardio sessions as low as possible.


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2. Increase Your Regular Calorie Intake For Muscle Building


I guess you are also aware of the fact that you have to eat to gain muscle mass. But how much do have to eat?

You have to increase your calories for muscle building but do it carefully. If you are consuming a certain amount of calories and it isn’t affecting your muscle growth then increase the regular calorie intake by 100. Now track your development and see if it is improving your muscle gains.

If you are building muscle slowly, then keep on increasing the calorie intake by 50-80 every week. Be careful, do not increase your calorie intake to the extent where you won’t be able to use those extra calories. It will just result in an increase in fat percentage in your body.

So keep adding calories to your meals slowly so that your body gets used in taking the calories in a positive way.


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3. Control and Manage Your Macro Nutrients


First of all, let me clear it out

What exactly is Macro Nutrients?

Macro Nutrients are nutrients which are necessary for our human body to survive and function. There are basically three types of Macro Nutrients- Carbohydrates, Fats, and Protein. Each macronutrient has their own specific roles in the body. These macronutrients are responsible for supplying us with calories and energy. This is why our body needs these macros in large quantity for growth and development of our body.

Now most women who are trying to lose weight are tracking their macros consumption amount.

Controlling your macro consumption and keeping a track on it can allow you to be more precise with your daily nutrition and you can see better results with every workout session.

Meal plan varies according to the goals you are trying to achieve. Muscle Building has a different meal plan whereas fat loss has a different meal plan.

But your primary goal is to build a lean muscle mass. For that, I would suggest a meal plan which consists of 50% carbs, 40% protein, and 20% fats. Remember you should only eat healthy fats.


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4. Make a Good and Wise Use of Your Muscle Building Supplements


Supplements are used by many athletes because of the reason that it is an easy source of nutrition for the body. It is necessary for the muscles because it helps in building the muscles by recovering it.

It gives you a boost in your training and enhances your energy levels when it is taken with a good diet.

There are many supplements that are available in the market for you, but trust me you won’t need every supplement.

There is some supplement that you should go for (I recommend):

  1. Whey Protein Powder
  2. Creatine
  3. Fish Oil
  4. Multivitamin

Combining your Multivitamin and Fish Oil with your breakfast in the morning can give you great results.

Now, take your pre-workout and creatine 30 mins before you start your workout session. This will boost will your energy levels and you can give your best in your workout. This works as a great performance booster.

During your workout, you can drink BCAA to regain your lost energy levels. A drop in your energy levels can really affect your workout so make sure you continue your training session by regaining your energy.

After you are done with your workout, gulp down the Whey Protein Shake mixed with Glutamine to speed up the muscle recovery process. Whey Protein Shake will give you the required nutrition your muscle needs after an intense workout.

Now at the end of your day, take ZMA after your dinner right before your bed. This will help in improving your sleep and thus promoting better muscle recovery overnight.

Consumption of supplements with a good diet and good sleep makes the muscle recovery process faster and boosts the muscle growth of the body.

This is an example routine of how you should take your supplements. You can follow this routine or else you can have your own customized routine by consulting your trainer.

But this kind of supplement routine will help you in reaching your goal of adding lean muscle mass in your body with least body fat percentage.


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5. Stop Dieting


Many women who are about to start their muscle building program thinks that initially dieting will help them in reaching their lean muscle building goals. They think that through dieting they will reduce the fat percentage of their body.

I agree!

Dieting will surely help you in losing the body fats but it will also have negative consequences in your muscle building process.

Taking more calories is the most important element in muscle building. Without calories, your muscles won’t grow even after working your ass off in the gym for hours. You will need to provide sufficient calories to your body to promote muscle growth.

Don’t be afraid of eating.

Combination of eating good food with lifting weights and doing cardio will surely help in getting the perfect figure you have dreamt of. You just have to get yourself more calories to maintain the energy levels. Just be careful of what you eat. Eat good food and make your way out of the junk.

Do you know the reason why you need to eat more calories?

After you are done with your workout, your muscle starts the recovery process.

During the recovery process, new muscle tissues are generated which makes the muscles bigger in size after recovery.

For this recovery process to happen, you need to provide enough nutrition to the muscle. So you have to eat more calories to provide sufficient nutrition to the muscles.

These calories need to be more than what you eat to maintain your regular body weight.

So in short, what I want to say is that you can’t have enough muscular growth if you don’t eat much.


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6. Make Your Expectations Achievable


One of the most important parts of your muscle building journey is to set up your goals. So make sure you have goals that you can achieve.

Most people set up unrealistic goals which will affect them negatively in the long run. When the goals seem unrealistic, you can get disappointed and lose all your hopes of achieving that perfect body you once dreamt of.

Most people start their muscle building journey with two main goals:

1. Eat every other food to gain weight

As I explained above the reasons why you should start eating more and provide more calories to your muscles. but that doesn’t mean you can eat up anything you want.

Getting more nutrition is good for your muscles as it helps the muscles in speeding up the recovery process but you have to be careful about what you eat.

Eat foods which are high in protein and carbohydrates are good but you should stay away from the food which provides you saturated fats (bad fats). These saturated fats are the main reasons why people suffer from heart disease.

2. Cutting off the fat and harming the muscular growth

When you are about to start your muscle building training, try to stay away from dieting. Dieting may be a good way of burning unwanted fats but it can also harm your muscle growth.

When you are dieting, you are not providing enough calories to your body. But your body needs energy for efficient functioning. So your body will burn the wanted fatty tissues to generate energy and this way you will burn all the unwanted fats.

But now when your body runs out of fatty tissues to burn to generate energy, it will target your hard-earned muscles. In this way, dieting affects your muscle growth negatively.

People usually go for these two strategies but neither of the strategies is useful when it comes to building lean muscles with minimum body fat.

The best approach is when you aim to maximize the growth of your lean muscle mass with gaining little body fat along the process.

The best achievable goal you can keep is to gain around 8 kg of lean muscle mass within a course of 1 year.


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