Things You Never Knew About Muscle Growth


If you think that all these serious lifters will know about muscle growth, then I think its too much of a credit for them. Well, it is not that same always.

You see, the knowledge about muscle growth doesn’t have a boundary. Like any research, research on muscle building is also expanding daily.

Many researchers have concluded many things related to muscle gains. And I am so sure that many of you have already heard about these.

But recent research about muscle building has revealed something that many of you have never heard about before.

Let’s have a look at some of this revelation.

1. The Anabolic Stage of Muscle Growth


You must have heard about the anabolic stage of a body. Yes, the post-workout stage.

It is believed that to rip maximum benefits from a workout you have to consume a protein shake within an hour post workout.

And if you somehow miss out on a protein shake post-workout, you’ll be on a catabolic stage where¬†your muscle growth will be seriously affected.

But hey, wait a minute. The researchers don’t support this theory.

A recent meta-analysis that took the results of 20 studies on this particular topic said that any benefits of the strategy are only attributed to consuming additional protein. It rarely matters when the protein is consumed. This study led to the conclusion that it is not the timing of the protein consumption, but the daily protein intake is responsible for an enhanced anabolic stage of the body.

So if you think that post-workout protein consumption will have an addictive effect on muscle growth, then maybe you are partially wrong. It is always the extra protein intake which helps in the muscle growth.

So, now you may have a question.

Is my protein shake totally useless?

NO, your protein shake isn’t useless at all. Your protein intake from a protein shake depends upon how your protein intake from rest of the day was.

The anabolic effect of a meal high in protein last only for 4-5 hours. So if you are consuming protein-rich meals at even hours throughout the day, your body will be on the anabolic state regardless of the training time.

So, if your protein shake is helping you in providing the consistent protein intake that your body requires, it has served its purpose.

But surely protein shake within one-hour post workout won’t make a vast difference in muscle building.

2. Pain Killers (Pills) Can Harm Your Muscle Growth


It is a regular routine for bodybuilders to take NSAID for muscle soreness and inflammation after a hard workout.

These Pills are made to reduce muscle soreness.

It might help you in the short term by reducing the pain the muscles but in the long run, it will harm your muscles negatively.

You must have enough knowledge about the post-workout soreness and inflammation, which is an integral part of the growth process. There is a lot of ongoing research and evidence which proves this point.

Prostanoids are important for anabolic signaling by stimulating the ways which are responsible for carrying out the muscle protein synthesis process. Although research is currently conflicting that high doses of ibuprofen may result in blunt protein synthesis.

NSAIDs cause a potentially negative effect on the satellite cells if it is being used consistently.

If you didn’t know, satellite cells donate nuclei to the muscle fibers. As a result, it increases the capacity to produce muscle proteins. So a satellite cell which is impaired can cause harm to long-term muscle growth.

Also, you will be shocked to know that the NSAIDs are very helpful in hypertrophy. The aged gym goers are chronic to low inflammation, which unlike the actual inflammation has a negative effect on muscle growth.

So the only positive impact of NSAIDs on muscle growth is only for the elderly age group people who have a relatively low rate of inflammation.

If you are young and lifting regularly then this kind of low rate of inflammation is very minimal. You will feel a sense of impaired hypertrophy if you consume these pills consistently.

Surely it will do its job of minimizing muscle soreness for the short time but consuming it regularly will surely harm the muscle growth in the long term. You need to stop treating them like one of your important supplements.

3. You Can Retain Your Muscles Long After You Stop Training


Maybe you are aware of the fact that if you stop exercising, your muscle will gradually decline and return to their previous size.

There is this one piece of information that I want to share with you guys is that you can get back the lost much with very ease if you start your workout with the same efforts as before.

Now you have to know about how this thing works?

You have to thank the satellite cells for this. Satellite Cells are the muscle stem cells. The Satellite cells remain dormant at rest but can be awakened by muscle contractions and muscle damage. Satellite Cells once activated fuse to the affected muscle fibers and donate nuclei to the fibers. Nuclei are the brains of the cells. They are responsible for producing the muscle protein that is necessary for muscle growth.

More the nuclei, more potential of growth of the muscle.

Moreover, you will be surprised to know that the satellite cells are self-regulating. They will multiply to facilitate muscle growth in the future if they are repeatedly activated.

But you know here comes the cool part- Those additional muscle nuclei are maintained over time even if you discontinue your training only when a muscle has obtained nuclei.

So when you start training again, you will get back all those hard-earned muscles that you lost only because of those extra nuclei that are still there to ramp up the protein synthesis.

4. Very Light Weights Can Also Help You In Muscle Growth


To get big, you need to lift big!

Probably you have been hearing this particular sentence all over the gym and those motivational videos.

But I will say that there is also a way out to gain muscles by NOT LIFTING HEAVY.

It has been long said that you need to lift heavy if you want to grow big. There are some researchers which claimed that training with loads below about 56% of your 1RM is not sufficient to activate the muscle fibers, which are proposed to have greater growth potential.

However, research on a modern day study disagrees with these claims. In fact, if your load is as low as 25% of 1RM, then you can develop and produce great hypertrophy.

Just like everyone else, I also dismissed these studies initially that you can get big by lifting light weights. I thought that how can lightweight provide hypertrophy to the serious athletes who trained well.


What is more interesting is that some studies have evidence that growth may be different to different fiber types.

The lighter loads target the type 1 fiber types and the heavier loads target the type 2 fiber types. With these, you can come to the conclusion that not only heavyweights but the lighter weights can also make a difference in muscle growth.

If you are having any injury or there are any circumstances where you are restricted from heavy lifting, you can surely switch to the lightweights with higher rep range. It isn’t a bad idea to maximize the rep range when it is needed. It will still help you in growing the muscles you want.


There are many more notable things that we still do not know about muscle growth. We will definitely be introduced with some the astonishing facts and unheard pieces of information about muscle growth.

With the continuous expansion of the studies in this field, we came to know about all this information.

In this article, I provided you with most of the common myths about muscle growth.

Myth including it is better to consume a protein shake within 1 hour of post workout to have the maximum benefit of the hard training. Surely it is not always important to consume a protein shake when the body is in an anabolic state. Consumption of extra amount of protein when the body is in the catabolic state will also make a positive impact on muscle growth.

Also, lifting only heavy will help you in muscle growth.

Surely it does help, but what about the ones who are just a beginner? Or the ones who are having any injuries which are restricting them from lifting heavy?

How will they train?

Lifting light weights with high reps is the only way they can build some muscles.

Yes, it is a proven way that the hypertrophy can also be achieved with the use of light weights too. Lightweights with the maximum number of repetitions can result with the same amount of muscle growth like the ones training with heavyweights with low reps.

Also, you can surely gain back the lost muscles even after you stopped training. If someone says you that it is over if you stop lifting then they are wrong. Nothing is over. You can still work on your body and regain all those hard-earned muscles.


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